Client: Leeds City Council
Project: Neville Street Illustrated Mural - Public Art Exhibition
Project Contributions: Mural Illustration, Lino-cut Workshop
As part of the redevelopment of the Leeds Station entrance and surrounding area, Leeds City Council commissioned 10 artists to create artwork for a new public art exhibition space on Neville Street.
The 7x2m illustrated mural that was subsequently developed, captures the energy of commuters from South Leeds as they go about their daily lives. The backdrop of the mural features typography that was created during a series of lino-cut printing workshops held at South Leeds school, Lane End Primary. The year 5 workshop printed their designs using hand-cut lino-blocks, inspired by Playbills from the Leodis archive. The resulting prints were scanned and arranged to form the final image.
The Neville Street Exhibition with all 10 murals is now open and can be found on Neville Street!
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